Welcome at Final Plastics Nederland B.V.

Final Plastics has a modern factory with a total work space more than 8000 m2 utilized by 35 employees working in three shifts.

Since our establishment in 1977 we have developed more than 1200 moulds in house. Our facilities contain 25 modern computerized injection moulding machines with a closing force of 25 up to 550 tons. With this facility we can produce series from 100 to over 1.000.000.

We are also capable of producing volumes under 100 items. At the same time we have the possibilities to produce 2 components injection moulding. Because of our innovative product development we are able to turn your idea or concept into a high quality final product.

Final Plastics utilizes the most current technical plastic materials and plastic bulk materials. Our core competence are mainly to focus on following industries: Hygienic, Heating, Food & Beverages as well as Technical Parts. Main customers Final Plastics are: Easy Sanitairy Solutions, Itho Daalderop, Mepal & Jonge Poerink.


Why Final Plastics

  • We can make different finishes and we can take care of the total assembly.
  • Our engineers are available to advice.
  • Production is continuously in 3 shifts.

The power behind innovative product development.

Final Plastics